The Paul B. Williams ALS Transportation Program

As Georgians living with ALS begin experiencing mobility issues, they risk becoming isolated because of the difficulties associated with getting around. The Paul B. Williams ALS Transportation Program provides transportation solutions – non-emergency transportation, van rentals, van adaptations, and vouchers – so they can go to appointments and stay connected to their community.

Non-Emergency Transportation: When Georgians living with ALS cannot get to their medical appointments, they can apply for non-emergency transportation.

Accessible Van Rentals: Working with our community partners, families can apply to rent an accessible van for a predetermined time, allowing them to participate in opportunities they would otherwise miss.

Van Adaptations: ALS United of Georgia provides financial support to assist with vehicle modifications to make personal vans/cars more adaptable to existing needs. An application is required for pre-approval.

Van Vouchers: Families can apply for a $1,000 grant toward purchasing an accessible van. A written request and application are required. Grantees are selected based upon need and impact.

Please allow two weeks for all transportation-related requests.

For additional information and to download a Transportation application click here: