The Sally Panfel In-Home Care and Respite Program

Caring for someone living with ALS is hard. The Sally Panfel In-Home Care & Respite Program makes it a little bit easier by providing short-term in-home custodial care.

Those who love and care for people living with ALS know how overwhelming it can be. Caregivers are on call every minute of the day, regardless of their other responsibilities. Respite care is often more than families can afford and is not covered by most insurance plans.

The Sally Panfel In-Home Care & Respite Program provides up to 18 hours of in-home care a week to Georgians living with ALS while their families secure permanent support with day-to-day care.

To determine if you qualify for support from the program, please complete The Sally Panfel Application, which includes a Needs Assessment and a Program Survey.

For additional information please contact the Care Services Team at or 404.636.9909.

To download the program application, click here: